The Prize Package

When you donate to this wonderful cause, you are entered into a raffle. The winner will be selected in March of 2014 and that person will have a $3,300 holiday to Thailand!

The Flight


Flight Network has donated $2,000 towards flights to Thailand. You can use this voucher however you like, for one person or two, depending on your country of departure, and if you want to apply it towards a more expensive booking, you’re free to do that as well.

The Tour

Where Sidewalks EndWhere Sidewalks End, a tour operator based in Bangkok, will look after you once you’re on the ground. With a focus on positive impact tourism, they have donated their services to help with the Travel Blogging Calendar’s cause. They will provide the winner and their guest with a tour package that is worth $1,300 ($650 per person).

The whole tour will be handled directly by the founders of the company, so you know you’re in good hands! Included in the trip will be one night accommodation in Bangkok, a guided tour of the city tailored to the winners’ interests, an overnight train to Chiang Mai, three nights in Chiang Mai with an additional guided city tour, an overnight train back to Bangkok, and one final night in Bangkok at the end. Of course, while in Chiang Mai, you will also be getting a visit to the Save Elephant Foundation, to see your donations at work!

The trip is seven nights and eight days long. Transport, 3-star hotels (and higher), guided city tours, and the trip to the Elephant Nature Park are all inclusive of the prize package. Other expenditures such as food, drinks and additional activities shall remain at your own expense.